iMKapps has developed the iOS app myTifi to control your Samsung Smart TV.

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Avoid embarrassing moments with Send Companion for Apple Mail

iMKapps is co-founder of Dutchovate, that developed a new plugin for Apple Mail: Send Companion This little friend warns you of a missing attachment and the most common email mistakes. Never be embarrassed again! It’s free for your MacBook and iMac: Download Send Companion

Smart Channel logos added to myTifi for Apple Watch

Version 5.1.0 is available in the App Store. It contains a new page with the Top 30 of your Smart Channel logos. Due to the limited hardware of the Watch, the performance will be effected when adding more logos. A new toggle in the Settings allows you to display your logos either in a: Carousel The logos are […]

Control your TV from your wrist with myTifi for Apple Watch

iMKapps announces myTifi for Apple Watch. Version 5.0.0 is available in the App Store. Instead of tiny buttons, we provide a clear user interface with the main buttons to control your TV. You can even use the Digital Crown to either adjust the volume of your TV, or navigate up and down.

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