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Status S1
Description If you miss the numeric buttons on the remote, you can select a different layout. Just press the round “i” button and select any from the list. You can find the number on your real remote at the front or rear panel, or inside the battery compartment. The previous one was AA59-00790A.\n\nManual\n————\nIf you have any questions or want tips (like syncing your Smart Channel setting between multiple devices), please select the tab ‘More’ and press the button ‘Manual’.\n\nApp Store reviews\n————————–\nWe love to read positive App Store reviews. But it’s not ideal to report issues.\nWhen you have a question or something is not good, please send us an email, so we can assist you directly:\n\
App update created 9.12.0
Released to App Store 19-Apr-2024
Available in App Store yes