Smart Channel logos added to myTifi for Apple Watch

Version 5.1.0 is available in the App Store.

It contains a new page with the Top 30 of your Smart Channel logos. Due to the limited hardware of the Watch, the performance will be effected when adding more logos.

A new toggle in the Settings allows you to display your logos either in a:

  1. Carousel
    The logos are rotated into place with the Digital Crown:
    myTifi-42mm-02-Carousel-A small myTifi-42mm-02-Carousel-B small
    Tap the Select button to send the matching channel number to your TV.
    myTifi-42mm-02-Carousel-C smallmyTifi-42mm-02-Carousel-D small
  2. List
    You can scroll through the list with the Digital Crown
    myTifi-42mm-02-Scroll small
    Tap a logo to send the matching channel number to your TV.