Time Machine Schedule

Are you tired that Time Machine is backing up continuously, while draining system resources and your battery?
Finally a modern macOS app that allows you to schedule your Time Machine backups. For example every weekday at 12:00 and 17:00, and once during the weekend:

You can define a maximum of 5 schedules. And the backup completion status is monitored. So never miss a backup, since Time Machine Schedule will retry automatically.

Time Machine Schedule is the perfect replacement for the macOS time machine status icon. Because it shows the remaining time until the next backup in the Menu Bar:

And while creating a backup, the progress and remaining time are visible:

Why choose Time Machine Schedule?

  • It's a native macOS app, designed for the modern macOS versions and Apple silicon.
  • Lightweight and glanceable.
  • Created by iMKapps, a proven Apple developer for more than a decade with a high quality standard:
    • You get years of updates, as we always aim to keep our apps up to date for the latest macOS versions. And we love to add new features.
    • We value your Privacy.
    • No annoying subscriptions or automatic payments.
    • Notarized by Apple with our Apple Developer account, so free of malware.

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